These Colors Don't Run! 
Come revel in the glory of America's finest automotive creation - the El Camino. On this site you can check out my totally choice ride, send El Camino e-cards, get safety tips, steal free downloads, meet my team and learn why kids need to know about El Caminos.
Girlfriend Gets Me Sweet Christmas Present! 
She found this awesome "Johnny Lightening" 1971 El Camino Super Sport replica on eBay. It totally looks just like my chariot, except that it has black stripes down the hood. I may paint the stripes on my car just so it's the same. She also got me other great stuff too.
NEWS FLASH! 1971 El Camino On New Fu Manchu Album  
Fu Manchu, perhaps the rockin'-est band ever features a red 1971 El Camino on the cover of their new album "California Crossing." THAT'S TOTALLY MY VEHICLE, DUDES! Oh, and they have some hot chicks on there too.
New Bed Cover Installed 
I just installed a brand new bedcover to make the El Camino look even more bitchin' - if that's even possible. Secondarily, it should help prevent the water from welling up and destroying the bed.
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